Situated on the Mediterranean coast, Valencia is best known for its fertile land and the local fiestas Las Fallas. Valencia has managed to preserve its glamour thanks to the never-ending orange fields, the delicious paella and a city centre famed to be located in the proximity of sandy beaches. Also, the sailing race America’s Cup has held its 2007 and 2010 editions here, placing Valencia on the map of preferred sailing destinations.

The main port of Valencia offers regular ferry boat services to and from the Balearic Islands and Italy. If you opt for yacht charter from Valencia, we recommend you visit the City of the Arts and Sciences designed by Santiago calatrava and Félix Candela before setting sail. If you’re in town for several days, enjoy a stroll along the windy streets and explore the Roman and Arabic heritage architecture, the cathedral, and the buildings boasting the local Gothic style.

Valencia is the ideal starting point to sail towards Ibiza or the other Balearic Islands; if you rent your boat in the port of Valencia, we recommend sailing along the beaches on Costa Blanca before sailing towards Baleares. Most of the Valencian beaches are fine sandy beaches, wide open and well preserved; we recommend going to Les Marines, Les Deveses, De La Glea, or Cala d’Orpesa la Vella. You can also sail towards Cap Blanc if you love windsurf and enjoy the morning soft breeze or the strong afternoon winds.

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