Sailing yacht charter in Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca

Renting a monohull sailing yacht is the best choice if you’re after a true sailing experience. A monohull yacht conveys the emotion of being at sea better than any other type of boat. Featuring propulsion sailing, a monohull syncs up with wind and waves more than any other vessel. Sailing a monohull will surely make you feel like gliding, a sensation that you cannot have when you’re sailing a motor yacht or even a catamaran. Sailing monohulls are very safe vessels thanks to their deep keel design and a very low gravity centre. If you’re interested in chartering a more stable and comfortable sailing yacht, then choose a model with a wider stern. A bulb-shaped keel will also ensure a more stable and comfortable ride.

Boat Type
Min Paxes
1 12
0m +40m