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Ibiza prevailing winds & climate

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Ibiza prevailing winds & climate

12/02/2019 | Categories: Navigate
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People from everywhere in the world and from all sort of conditions start at some point in their lives that pilgrimage to one of the Balearic Islands in search of a renewal, towards a new beginning or perhaps a complete go with the flow.

And it is understandable because Ibiza’s climate acts as a model climate of the Mediterranean. Predominantly mild throughout the year, the days get longer and sunnier from May on. From June to September summer awakens in its entire splendor, flooding everything with light, blue sea and heat. Rains, usually heavy rain, are virtually nonexistent in summer; however, they display their maximum in spring and autumn, particularly in the months of April and October.

Regarding the prevailing winds in Ibiza, we must affirm that during the summer they usually come from the east and are rather soft. On the other hand, in winter they tend to come rather from the west or southwest.

The beauty of the island is out of the question. Whitish sand coves, islets scattered haphazardly along 170 km of coastline, rugged and mountainous relief and lush vegetation all together give to this island its peculiar character and attraction.

As for the neighboring Formentera, we can add that its climate does not show significant variations in relation to the climate of Ibiza. Its surface is almost flat, except for the huge cliff over a hundred meters high called La Mola, a circumstance that makes Formentera a windier island than Ibiza.