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The best anchorages in Mallorca

02/24/2015 | Categories:
Isla Dragonera
It is one of the best anchorages in Mallorca, well protected and ideal for hikes to “Punta de la Miranda”, “Faro Viejo” or to “Faro de Tramontana” where one may get to from the small jetty “Cala Ladó”.
Cala  Formentor
It is exponed to the southern winds, situated in the north part of the island and this anchorage is delightful with its crystal clear waters. For those who like diving it is a paradise due to its underwater cliffs. The cove also has its beach, but during the tourist season it gets very busy.
Cala Banyalbufar
This small but cute anchorage is exposed to the north winds and has many easy entrances. One of its main characteristics is a great waterfall  where one can enjoy its fresh water the whole year round. It is, without the doubt, one of the best anchorages in Mallorca.
Sa Caleta des Port Vells
It is exposed to the east-southeast winds and boasts beautiful pine trees.  It has three small beaches: Del Mago, Del Rei and Sa platgeta. As the sea bottom is covered with sand and algae, it is an ideal place for anchorage.
Cala Boquer
It is exposed to the north-eastern winds and is one of the best anchorages in Mallorca for mooring side to side to the fishermen’s boats.  Once embarked, one could visit some historic sites, like “Bochoris” from the Roman times, which is not to be missed.
Cala Marmassen
It lies exposed to the southern winds and its rocky sea bottom surrounds the cove and its lovely cliffs within a diameter of 100 meters. If you like getting underwater, this is a great place to enjoy snorkelling between the rocks.
Cala s'Almunia
It is exposed to the Eastern winds it is an anchorage that is complicated to anchor in, but if you happen to visit on a lovely, calm day, don’t miss out on visiting these spectacularly beautiful clear waters.
Cala Mesquida
It is exposed to the northern winds and well known for its dunes, especially the “Munt Gros” dune. Usually the waves tend to be strong, making it difficult to stay overnight, but coming to visit during daytime may be an option.
Cala Bella Dona
It is exposed to the southern winds and with its sandy sea bottom is one of the best anchorages in Mallorca. At the sea bottom, not far from the cove, a sunken Greek ship could be found. The other characteristic that makes it special is the nudist beach.
Cala d'Egos
It is exposed to the southern and eastern winds. Its white sandy beach is usually pretty quiet. It continues to be an anchorage without any construction due to its hilly terrain, and that, in turn, makes it one of the best anchorages in Mallorca to rest without the usual business of a typical tourist spot.
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