Mallorca prevailing winds & Climate

Feb. 12, 2019
by SailingDreams

The climate of Majorca is typically Mediterranean with hot, dry summers and mild winters. The rains are more frequent in autumn and spring, although they are very irregular, being able to vary considerably from year to year to the extreme of producing persistent droughts.


In addition, most of the rain usually tends to be concentrated in a few days, which gives rise to the typical Balearic phenomenon of heavy, torrential rains.

The average temperatures in summer are of 29 / 31º C, although there are maximum temperatures every year rising till the 35º C.

The physical environment of Majorca, being an island, can not be other than the sea, a deep, closed and relatively warm sea with surface temperatures that reach 26º C in August and do not fall below 14º C in winter. The sea regulates the temperature and makes the thermal seasonality not as marked as in the continent at the same latitude. All this has an impact on the distinct features of the climate of Majorca.

The sea breeze in Majorca is called "embat"; it is a type of wind originated locally by daytime land warming in relation to the sea. When the sun is up, the land heats up very quickly and the air above it warms up a lot more than the air over the water. The warm air over the land is less dense and begins to rise. This draws cooler sea air towards the interior of the island causing that daytime temperatures in summer use to be mild in coastal zones.

Prevailing winds

As for the prevailing winds of Majorca, the strongest wind blowing in the northwest area mainly in the winter season is called Mistral, while in the north blows the powerful and renown Tramontana. During summer season, on the south-eastern coast, between Ses Salines and Cap de Pera, the prevailing winds are the warm winds of southern origin, such as Xeloc, Mitjorn and Llebeig. Regarding the northeastern coast from Cap Formentor to Cap de Pera is influenced as well by these warm winds, although perhaps Xeloc is dominant. On the other hand, on the beautiful northwestern coast from Dragonera to Cap Formentor the winds are variable and in the southwest from Ses Salines to Dragonera probably Llebeig is more frequent.

Of course, to sail round the island and in order to enjoy a more pleasant navigation we recommend the summer months, starting off the day’s run counterclockwise.