Dénia, a favourite sailing destination on the Spanish mainland

Nov. 16, 2016
by SailingDreams

Costa Blanca (White Coast) is the name of your new destination. It stretches over 200 kilometres along the Mediterranean Sea on the south eastern coast of Spain. It is an ideal destination to charter a yacht for a sailing holiday. In particular, there’s a charming town standing out in the heart of the Costa Blanca, waiting for you, which name is Dénia.

In fact, we are talking about a historic town situated between Valencia and Alicante; the first one 96 km up the coast and the second 86 km down. 

However, we have another surprise concerning Dénia’s geographic location: it is the closest mainland harbour to the Balearic Islands. If you are in the mood for a boat trip, and, say, you want to charter a boat in Dénia and go sailing, well, you have to know that only 100 nautical miles separate it from the exclusive island of Ibiza. 

The town has an impressive, new harbour where you will see from luxury yachts to local fishing boats. There is a direct ferry service to the Balearic Islands. In summer both ferries and boat charters sail frequently between Dénia and Ibiza. In front of the harbour there is a castle built by the Moors upon a rock crag in the 11th century offering a magnificent view over the shoreline and the sea. Inside the castle itself, visitors will find the “Palau del Governador” with its history museum.

It is undoubtedly true that the fishing port and the town itself have all sorts of cafes, bars and restaurants, both famous and not so famous. There is day life and nightlife as you please. It’s up to you whether you go for an early peaceful stroll along the soft beach or a late cocktail at a trendy bar. Whatever your choice, it is by no means uncommon to hear the suggestion that gastronomy is just outstanding here. There is plenty of fresh fish, there are a great variety of food styles and there is even a three star Michelin restaurant for the gourmets. 

In the most peaceful area of the Dénia port, next to the Raset beach, we find the “Marina el Portet”, “Marina de Dénia” and the Dénia Royal Yacht Club. They are very close to each other and they are connected directly through the promenade to the leisure commercial zones and the historic centre of the town. They all offer berths provided with all the proper services of a first class marina including yacht charter, of course.

Other local harbours you may wish to visit in the surroundings are Xàbia, Calpe and Altea. In this area there is the Sea Reserve of the Cape of Sant Antoni where you can easily anchor your boat and practise scuba diving, snorkelling or just sightseeing the beautiful caves or the amazing cliffs of the headland. 

No day out on a Dénia boat charter would be complete without anchoring off at some first class sandy beaches; this is why Dénia has a great variety of them that spread approximately over 20 kilometres along the east coastline. Having around 300 days of sunshine with an average temperature of 20º C, the beach frontage is a perfect place to enjoy the weather. The main winds are Llebeig, Poniente, Levante, Norte y Garbí. The Northern Beaches of Dénia have smooth golden sand and shallow twinkling waters such as Els Molins, L'Almadrava, Albaranas, Les Bovetes, Les Deveses, Les Marines and Punta del Raset.

Punta del Raset is the main beach in the Las Marinas area and is located next to the Port of Dénia. It has an excellent sandy area where there are some dunes and lots of vegetation around. 

Finally, it is worth mentioning that in Dénia there are interesting festivities happening throughout the year. Here, they’re called “fiestas” and they are perfect to observe local customs and traditions. For instance, the “Three Wise Men” Fiesta takes place in January, the “Falles” bonfire takes place in March and the “Bous a la Mar” happens every July.