Catamaran Charter in Mallorca, the most comfortable option

March 3, 2016
by SailingDreams

Mallorca has had over the millennia an irresistible attraction. The Phoenicians, the Romans and the Moors all found their way to the island, leaving their particular legacies. More esoteric latter day visitors brought fame and celebrity, Frederic Chopin, Agatha Christie and Joan Miró took the jewel like Mediterranean island as their muse.


Contemporary aficionados include Michael Douglas, Claudia Schiffer, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Jeffrey Archer. Of course native Mallorcan Rafael Nadal always knew how beautiful the island was. The Roman Empire has long crumbled and since the early sixties, the only invasion has been enlightened, sun seeking tourists, bent on nothing more than recharging their souls and sun tans in Mallorca's blessed summers.

One way to avoid this modern day invasion is to take to the water. Fortunately catamaran charter in Mallorca is easy, fun, hugely rewarding and surprisingly affordable. Equipped with the biggest fleet of catamarans in the Mediterranean Sea, Mallorca is ready to provide you with an enchanting, water borne charter adventure you'll never forget.

The island, elegant, dramatic, romantic and essentially beautiful is arguably at its most enchanting from the constantly changing perspective of a sailing boat. Mallorca has for centuries been a home to seafarers, and has many natural harbors with their picturesque fishing villages and modern, full service marinas. This juxtaposition of ancient and current provides one irresistible reason to hire a catamaran in Mallorca. Another seductive motivation to explore Mallorca by catamaran is of course to experience the serenity and beauty of the endless bays, beaches, lagoons and magnificent coastal vistas, only available to those insightful enough to take to the water.

Geographically, climatically, aesthetically, culturally, the island makes its own demanding and irrefutable case, no argument. But why a catamaran and not a monohull sailboat? The size of the charter catamaran fleet in Mallorca speaks for itself. Outnumbering monohulls many times over, catamarans provide the perfect, stable, comfortable platform for your holiday in this prettiest of Mediterranean islands. Space is never found lacking, you have the “front garden” of the boat, between the hulls, the net is a playground for the kids and wonderment for all as the mesmerizing, cerulean blue goes by below. The “back yard” catamaran cockpit provides, shade, shelter, comfort; a place to dine on delicious, fresh, local produce and enjoy the wonderful Spanish wines. Need a more panoramic ocean view? You could join the captain up in his “garret”, the helm station, and feel the sensuous power of the boat under sail. Then there is the capacious and comfortable accommodation inside the boat, a huge “living room”, the saloon, with its fully equipped “kitchen”, the galley. You will have as many homely and snug “bedrooms and bathrooms” or cabins and heads as your family and friends require. That's not to mention something the terrestrial home you left behind won't have, the ability to slip gracefully off the “back door steps”, the stern, into the exhilarating, crystalline, warm waters of a Mallorcan bay.

All these wonderful accommodations are provided in any combination and size to suit your group and budget. From owner's versions with intimate, luxurious personal spaces occupying all of one or both hulls, to four cabin, four bathroom cruisers with space still for a crew should you need them. Other configurations include four cabins, two bathrooms and three cabins with two bathrooms. The catamaran rental fleet in Mallorca includes popular and proven models such as the magnificent Lagoon 450, her smaller sister the Lagoon 380, and the endlessly popular and versatile Lagoon 421. Also available to charter are elegant and refined catamarans from Fountaine Pajot, such as the Lavezzi 40 and Hélia 44.

Catamaran charter in Mallorca is an intoxicating combination of elements. A serene and graceful sailboat. A gentle, safe and stable holiday home moving from one spectacular, warm, pine scented Mediterranean cove, to another old world Mallorcan fish restaurant in yet another, charming Balearic fishing village. You simply can't miss, don't suffer the futility of forgetting your last catamaran holiday in Mallorca, your best bet would be to book another for next summer.